About Us

In 1985, when Apple was still gaining popularity, was when I became a Mac fan. I was introduced to Macintosh through a friend of mine’s Father. He was in fact a Rocket Scientist. I was amazed at how you could control this machine with a “mouse,” and how easy it was to interact with it. I felt no longer was I tied to a “feed” of information and images from someone else and that the ability to create my own images out of light was possible and fun.

The ability to create images on something that, back then looked a lot like a small strange TV, was to my young mind very compelling. Getting the machine or tool to do what you want too has been our pursuit ever since.

We help you to use the now very substantive power of your Apple to mold the software and hardware into what your end product is or would like to become. Over the years we have seen many changes in the Tech Industry. Apple has mainly succeeded in its plan, to bring complex personal electronic devices to market and make them more accessible.

We strive to help you meet the most productive results possible. Trouble shooting problems or getting the most out of your hardware or software is what we excel at. We put all that time and experience towards solving your computer problems. We offer creative solutions to your Apple dilemmas. Training or support.

We are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina but can help you or answer questions by phone and/or by screen sharing. Let us know how we can improve your Apple experience or productivity.